An Integrated Environment for the Development of Knowledge-Based Recommender Applications

Alexander Felfernig, Gerhard Friedrich, Dietmar Jannach, and Markus Zanker
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 11, Number 2, Winter 2006-07, pp. 11.

Abstract: The complexity of the product assortments offered by on-line selling platforms makes selection a challenging task. Customers differ in respect to expertise and product knowledge, but intelligent recommender systems offer personalized dialogues that support the product-selection process. This paper describes CWAdvisor, a domain-independent, knowledge-based recommender environment that provides users with consistently appropriate solutions, identifies additional selling opportunities, and explains solutions. The discussion uses examples from several application domains to show how model-based diagnosis, personalization, and intuitive knowledge-acquisition techniques support customer-oriented sales dialogues. Experience obtained in industrial projects is reported, and successfully deployed recommender applications are evaluated.

Key Words and Phrases: End-user programming, knowledge acquisition, knowledge-based recommenders, model-based diagnosis, personalization, recommender systems, testing recommender knowledge bases.