Semantic Matchmaking of Web Resources with Local Closed-World Reasoning

Stephan Grimm and Pascal Hitzler
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 12, Number 2, Winter 2007-08, pp. 89.

Abstract: Ontology languages like OWL allow for semantically rich annotation of resources (e.g., products advertised at on-line electronic marketplaces). The description logic (DL) formalism underlying OWL provides reasoning techniques that perform matchmaking on such annotations. This paper identifies peculiarities in the use of DL inferences for matchmaking that derive from OWL’s open-world semantics, analyzes local closed-world reasoning for its applicability to matchmaking, and investigates the suitability of two nonmonotonic extensions to DL, autoepistemic DLs and DLs with circumscription, for local closed-world reasoning in the matchmaking context. An elaborate example of an electronic marketplace for PC product catalogs from the e-commerce domain demonstrates how these formalisms can be used to realize such scenarios.

Key Words and Phrases
: autoepistemic DLs, circumscriptive DLs, local closed-world assumption, matchmaking, OWL, Semantic Web.