Post-Adoption Behaviors of E-Service Customers: The Interplay of Cognition and Emotion

Sophea Chea and Margaret Meiling Luo
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 12, Number 3, Spring 2008, pp. 29.

Abstract: The interplay between cognition and emotion has been explored in the consumer behavior literature, but the links between cognition-emotion interplay, satisfaction, and post-adoption behaviors have not been integrated in a single model of customer retention. The authors proposed a model that links these constructs and empirically tested it in e service set-tings. The results showed that satisfaction is a significant predictor of all three post-adoption behaviors: continuance, complaint, and recommendation. Negative affective response to e service use was found to directly predict complaint behavior, but positive affect and negative affect did not influence customer satisfaction. The implications of these findings for e service customer retention theory and practice are delineated.

Key Words and Phrases
: Affective experience, complaint, customer retention, e service, expectancy confirmation theory, post-adoption behaviors, recommendation, satisfaction.