Elucidating Individual Intention to Use Interactive Information Technologies: The Role of Network Externalities

Chieh-Peng Lin and Anol Bhattacherjee
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 13, Number 1, Fall 2008, pp. 85.

Abstract: A model of interactive information technology (IT) usage that integrates network externalities with traditional usage motivations is proposed and is validated by a survey of instant messaging (IM) usage by university students in Taiwan. Network benefit, found to be a significant usage motivation, arises from direct and indirect sources, conceptualized as referent network size and perceived complementarity, respectively. Network benefit has a direct effect on user intention to use interactive IT and an in-direct effect mediated by perceived enjoyment, and in turn it is affected by perceived complementarity. IT vendors can enhance product value by in-vesting in value-added complementary products and services. Implications for IT usage theories and managerial practice are discussed.

Key Words and Phrases
: Information technology usage, network effects, network externality, survey research.