Automatic Service Agreement Negotiators in Open Commerce Environments

Manuel Resinas, Pablo Fernández, and Rafael Corchuelo
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 14 Number 3, Spring 2010, pp. 93.

Abstract: There is a steady shift in e commerce from goods to services that must be provisioned according to service agreements. This study focuses on software frameworks to develop automated negotiators in open commerce environments. Analysis of the literature on automated negotiation and typical case studies led to a catalog of 16 objective requirements and a conceptual model that was used to compare 11 state-of-the-art software frameworks. None of them was well suited for negotiating service agreements in open commerce environments. This motivated work on a reference architecture that provides the foundations to develop negotiation systems that address the previous requirements. A software framework was devised to validate the proposal by means of case studies. The study contributes to the fields of requirements engineering and software design, and is expected to support future efforts of practitioners and researchers because its findings bridge the gap among the existing automated negotiation techniques and lay the foundations for developing new software frameworks.

Key Words and Phrases: Automated negotiation, electronic services, negotiation requirements, reference architecture, service agreements, services science, software frameworks.