Consumer Motivations in Browsing Online Stores with Mobile Devices

Akinori Ono, Azusa Nakamura, Ayako Okuno, and Masayoshi Sumikawa
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 16 Number 4, Summer 2012, p. 153.

Abstract: We examine the effects of consumer motivations on browsing online stores with mobile devices and compare them with those on browsing physical stores. The results of the simultaneous analysis in multiple populations with structural equation modeling show that four kinds of motivations affect browsing mobile-based online stores, whereas three motivations affect browsing physical stores. This study implies that idea motivation is the most important determinant of both mobile and offline browsing. Also, it implies that adventure motivation and value motivation are important for mobile-based online stores, whereas gratification motivation is important for physical stores. This is the first study to examine the determinants of browsing intention in both physical stores and mobile-based online stores and will contribute to better understanding in-store browsing activity.

Key Words and Phrases: Hedonic shopping motivations, mobile-based online store, mobile commerce, simultaneous analysis in multiple populations, structural equation modeling.