Comparative Analysis of the Use of Mobile Microblogging and Nonmobile Online Message Board for Group Collaboration

Kyungsub Stephen Choi and Il Im
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 19, Number 4, Summer 2015, pp. 112-135.


Microblogging (e.g., Twitter) used in tandem with a mobile device as one integrated unit is rapidly emerging as the preferred choice for group communication among mobile users. To better understand this phenomenon and leverage its potential, more empirical studies are required. In this study, we empirically examine the saliencies of mobile conversations and user experiences of mobile microblogging via Twitter on a mobile device (TMD), in a comparative analysis including nonmobile online message boards (OMB) by using a participant pool of 423 business students. Mobile-mediated communication is presented as a subdomain of computer-mediated communication and used in describing TMD conversationality. The experiment revealed significant differences in the process-related messages, communication satisfaction, and perceived outcome of TMD small group communication compared to those of OMB. These results imply that Twitter mobile can be an effective group communication tool in an ad hoc dispersed small group setting.

Key Words and Phrases: Communication affordances, microblogging, mobile communication, mobile-mediated communication, Twitter.