The Introduction of EDI Systems in Health-Care Supply Chains: A Framework for Business Transformation

Stefan Klein and Heike Schad
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 2, Number 1, Fall 1997, pp. 23.

Abstract: While it has become commonplace knowledge that the benefits of an EDI introduction depend on organizational adaptations, there is an obvious lack of research on the related issues of interorganizational process innovation (ioBPR) along the supply chain and business network redesign (BNR) which emphasizes strategically motivated changes in the value chain. Based on a review of the literature on BPR, ioBPR, and BNR, we will develop a framework for business transformation which integrates the different redesign approaches and perspectives into a comprehensive analysis and change process. The framework is illustrated by using the example of a redesign process in the health-care industry.

Key Words and Phrases: business network redesign (BNR), electronic data interchange (EDI) , health-care industry, interorganizational process innovation, supply chain management.