Engaging Generation Y to Co-Create Through Mobile Technology

Tingting (Christina) Zhang, Can Lu, and Murat Kizildag
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 21, Number 4, 2016-2017, pp. 489-516.


This study examines factors that entice Generation Y consumers to engage in co-creation activities with firms using mobile technology. Based on the diffusion of innovation theory, this study develops a model that examines the antecedents of the engagement that leads to the co-creation of value using mobile technology. A survey method is used to test the proposed relationships with 689 valid responses. Results indicate that Generation Y consumers are more motivated by their peers and other social factors. Specifically, acquiring solid interpersonal and peer networks, and engaging in informal communications is paramount to Generation Y when engaging in co-creation. Other factors, such as ease of use of technology and consumer innovativeness, also affect the tendency of this cohort to engage in co-creation activities through mobile platforms. Overall, the structural model results offer a better understanding of Generation Y consumers’ engagement in value co-creation through mobile technology, as well as service innovation design and delivery.

Key Words and Phrases: Co-creation, customer engagement, diffusion of innovation, Generation Y, mobile technology.