Too Much Is Never Enough: An Analysis of Smart Device Purchase Intention

Stefano Za, Alessandra Lazazzara, and Jessie Pallud
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 28, Number 2, 2024, pp. 247-268


This study investigates users’ willingness to purchase additional smart devices to enhance their personal digital ecosystems. Specifically, it delves into how information system continuance intention and media system dependency influence the intention to purchase additional smart devices. Drawing on the assemblage theory, the study also examines the potential moderating effects of the satisfaction level and the number of smart devices already owned. Based on analysis of a sample comprising 400 smart device users, the study reveals that usage continuance intention and dependency have a significant and positive relation to purchase intention. Furthermore, this study sheds light on the positive impact of owning multiple smart devices on these relations. It is noteworthy that among users with a large number of smart devices, the link between continuance intention and purchase intention is significantly stronger when the satisfaction level is low. This finding underscores the potential risk of fostering a form of addiction.