Transforming the Marketspace with All-in-One Markets

Ajit Kambil, Paul F. Nunes, and Diane Wilson
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 3, Number 4, Summer 1999, pp. 11.

Abstract: Electronic commerce has made possible a new form of electronic marketplace-the “all-in-one market.” All-in-one markets combine multiple trading mechanisms on a common platform and organize trading so that buyers and suppliers can dynamically shift trading methods or simultaneously take advantage of the best features of open market competition and long-term supplier partnerships. Firms that effectively leverage these new platforms are likely to realize substantial benefits in their sourcing and distribution strategies. This paper illustrates how electronic commerce enables all-in-one markets, and considers the opportunities and challenges they pose for buyers, sellers, and third-party market makers.

Key Words and Phrases: E-commerce, electronic markets, market exchange, transaction costs.