Information Systems in Manufacturing Networks

Susan A. Sherer
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 1999, pp. 23.

Abstract: Interorganizational information systems are prime enablers of new collaborative forms of activity among different businesses, but present research shows that they are only used infrequently to support manufacturing networks of small and medium-size manufacturing enterprises that join together to compete through joint learning, resource sharing, technology transfer, marketing, or production. Many smaller businesses lack technical expertise. Comarketing and coproduction networks have different information-system support needs from other networks such as resource and learning networks. Network brokers or sponsors can help network members to incorporate technology that facilitates information access and communication in all networks and can provide collaborative support to enable information exchange and shared databases for joint marketing and production efforts.

Key Words and Phrases: Agile manufacturing, interorganizational information systems, manufacturing networks, network brokers, small and medium-size enterprises, virtual corporations.