A Firm-Level Framework for Planning Electronic Commerce Information Systems Infrastructure

Madhavarao Raghunathan and Gregory R. Madey
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 4, Number 1, Fall 1999, pp. 121.

Abstract: Many firms fail to properly plan their electronic commerce information systems (ECIS) infrastructure before embarking on electronic commerce. Poor planning is often attributed to lack of a framework. Most of the frameworks used for information systems planning were developed before the recent surge of electronic commerce. Each of these frameworks emphasizes one aspect or theme of the business. In the context of E-commerce, a firm-level framework is needed that integrates several themes and recent concepts from the discipline of information systems (IS). The six components are organizational E-commerce strategy, business processes transformation, information technology management, information management, customer management, and organizational knowledge management. The framework emphasizes the significance of framework components and their interrelationships to planning an ECIS infrastructure. The main objective of the framework is to draw management attention to issues and opportunities associated with the six components of the framework. An illustrative approach is outlined to develop a method based on the framework. Firms can use the framework to develop a customized method for their ECIS infrastructure planning.

Key Words and Phrases: Electronic commerce information systems, information system, infrastructure, infrastructure planning.