Organizational Learning as a Foundation of Electronic Commerce in the Network Organization

Louis Raymond and Samir Blili
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 5, Number 2, Winter 2000-2001, pp. 29.

Abstract: Models of organizational learning must be adapted to network enterprises, virtual enterprises, and other new organizational forms enabled by information technology. Since it is increasingly among these enterprises that e-commerce activity occurs, organizational learning is a requisite for reaping the benefits they offer and avoiding the pitfalls. A model was developed and validated based on a case study of 14 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) that belonged to a network of subcontracting firms for a large pivot-firm. In terms of network learning, the SMEs were classified either as advanced firms, intermediates, or beginners.

Key Words and Phrases: Extended enterprise, network enterprise, organizational learning, small or medium-sized manufacturing enterprise, small business, subcontracting.