User Expectations and Rankings of Quality Factors in Different Web Site Domains

Ping Zhang and Gisela M. von Dran
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 6, Number 2, Winter 2001-2002, pp. 9.

Abstract: In the emerging electronic environment, knowing how to create customer-centered Web sites is of great importance. This paper reports two studies on user perceptions of Web sites. First, Kano’s model of quality was used in an exploratory investigation of customer quality expectations for a specific type of site ( The quality model was then extended by treating broader site types/domains. The results showed that (1) customers’ quality expectations change over time, and thus no single quality checklist will be good for very long, (2) the Kano model can be used as a framework or method for identifying quality expectations and the time transition of quality factors, (3) customers in a Web domain do not regard all quality factors as equally important, and (4) the rankings of important quality factors differ from one Web domain to another, but certain factors were regarded as highly important across all the domains studied.

Key Words and Phrases: Customer quality expectation, qualitative analysis, thematic analysis, Web site design, Web site domain, Web site quality, Web usability, Web user perception.