Business Models and System Architectures of Virtual Communities: From a Sociological Phenomenon to Peer-to-Peer Architectures

Ulrike Lechner and Johannes Hummel
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 6, Number 3, Spring 2002, pp. 41.

Abstract: Information and communication technology provides design options for the creation of economic value. The impact of technology on the design of business models is analyzed. In the business model virtual community, the members of the community contribute to the creation of economic value. The business model virtual community is analyzed with respect to the functions of the community and the role of community members in the business model. Communities are considered from a sociological and an economic perspective, and the design of interactive platforms and of novel services is discussed, with emphasis on peer-to-peer infrastructures for the creation of economic value.

Key Words and Phrases
: Business model, medium, peer-to-peer, system architecture, virtual community.