A Study of the Value and Impact of B2B E-Commerce: The Case of Web-Based Procurement

Chandrasekar Subramaniam and Michael J. Shaw
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 6, Number 4, Summer 2002, pp. 19.

Abstract: Web-enabled business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce enhances interorganizational coordination, resulting in transaction cost savings and competitive sourcing opportunities for the buyer organization. However, organizations are uncertain whether this is an improvement over existing information technology, such as EDI. In particular, what is the value of B2B e-commerce to a buyer organization, and how can it be measured? What factors most affect the realization of the value of B2B e-commerce? Using the case of Web-based B2B procurement systems, a framework is proposed to quantify and measure the value of B2B e-commerce systems and identify the factors that determine it. The methodology is applied to help a major heavy-equipment manufacturer located in the midwestern United States evaluate the potential of its Web-based procurement system. The preliminary results indicate that, even though all stages of B2B procurement are affected by the Web, the value of Web-based procurement is most determined by the process characteristics, organization of business units, and the “extended enterprise.”

Key Words and Phrases
: Extended enterprise, interorganizational information systems, value measurement, Web-based procurement.