Extended Web Assessment Method (EWAM): Evaluation of Electronic Commerce Applications from the Customer’s Viewpoint

Petra Schubert
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 7, Number 2, Fall 2002, pp.51.

Abstract: The Extended Web Assessment Method (EWAM) is an evaluation tool specifically created for the assessment of electronic commerce applications. One of the oldest evaluation methods of its kind, EWAM has been revised and improved over the years, building on the Web Assessment Method developed at the University of St. Gallen and integrating findings from the Technology Acceptance Model and several alternative approaches. It defines an evaluation grid that includes a set of criteria with which to appraise the quality and success of e-commerce applications. The focus is on consumer perspectives and the specific features of the Internet as a medium. The use of EWAM is illustrated by an analysis of commercial Web sites in two business sectors, consumer goods and electronic banking. The findings show that most of the assessed Web sites do not fully meet their expectations.

Key Words and Phrases: B2C e-commerce, electronic shops, Extended Web Assessment Method (EWAM), on-line shopping, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Web-site assessment.