The Impact of Customer Trust and Perception of Security Control on the Acceptance of Electronic Commerce

Bomil Suh and Ingoo Han
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 7, Number 3, Spring 2003, pp. 135.

Abstract: The number of Internet users has increased dramatically, but many are reluctant to provide sensitive personal information to Web sites because they do not trust e-commerce security. This paper investigates the impact of customer perceptions of security control on e-commerce acceptance. Trust is examined as the mediating factor of the relationship, using Internet banking as the research domain because bank customers are generally concerned about processing sensitive information like financial information. A Web survey of Internet banking users collected 502 cases. Statistical analyses, using structural equation modeling, indicated that perceptions of nonrepudiation, privacy protection, and data integrity have a significant impact on trust in e-commerce. Trust also has a significant impact on e-commerce acceptance. Implications and further research directions are presented.

Key Words and Phrases: e-commerce acceptance, perception of security control, security control, trust, trust in e-commerce.