Success Factors and Impacts of Mobile Business Applications: Results from a Mobile e-Procurement Study

Judith Gebauer and Michael J. Shaw
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 8, Number 3, Spring 2004, pp. 19.

Abstract: Based on the concept of task/technology fit, a research framework and exploratory case study are presented that assess success factors and impacts of mobile business applications. Preliminary empirical evidence for the applicability of the framework was obtained for a mobile electronic procurement system implemented at a Fortune 100 company. For different user groups, the relationships between the characteristics of technology and tasks, usage, and organizational impacts were analyzed. The results indicate a need for simple but highly functional mobile applications that complement existing information systems. The study provides a basis for further research to improve the design and management of business applications based on emerging technologies.

Key Words and Phrases: Electronic procurement, mobile commerce, mobile technologies, technology management, theory of task/technology fit.