Identities Management for E-Commerce and Collaboration Applications

Michael Koch and Kathrin M. Möslein
International Journal of Electronic Commerce,
Volume 9, Number 3, Spring 2005, pp. 11.

Abstract: The development of the Internet assumed that users would remain anonymous, but more and more services now need to identify users in order to provide personalized services or introduce users to other users. As in real life, users interact with services hosted by different providers and thus have to provide and update their personal information for each service separately, resulting in cold-start problems for new services and inconvenience for users. This paper argues the need for user-centric global identities management in future e-commerce and collaboration applications. It reviews the state of the art in this area, discusses needs and possibilities for future development, and proposes a novel solution for identity management.

Key Words and Phrases
: Electronic commerce, identities management, personalization, privacy, user profile.